Agate Tūna is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in the field of analogue and experimental photography. Her techniques include film soups, chemigrams, and photograms along with experiments in sound art. With her camera, Tūna plays the role as an investigator between reality and fiction, uncovering intriguing strangeness and compelling evidence, stimulating discussions about the blurred boundary between these two domains. Tūna delves deep into the influential role of imagery in shaping our beliefs by examining the complex, evolving interplay between technology and spirituality.

Tūna’s educational background includes a BA degree in Arts from the Painting department at the Art Academy of Latvia, earned in 2020. In 2022, a two-year programme in Developing Photographic Language at ISSP School and more recently, in 2023, she graduated from an interdisciplinary MA programme POST at the Art Academy of Latvia.

b. 1996. lives and works in Riga, Latvia


2021 - 2023

Art Academy of Latvia, Faculty of Visual Arts, interdisciplinary practise – POST (art in context), Master’s studies, Riga, LV

2020 - 2022

ISSP School, Developing Photo Language, Riga, LV


(Autumn semester) Erasmus+ studies Faculdade de Belas-Artes de Lisboa, PT

2016 - 2020

Art Academy of Latvia, Faculty of Visual Arts, Department of Painting, Bachelor’s studies, Riga, LV



Girl with the Canary Bird Grand Poet Hotel, Riga, LV


The Order of Invisible Things Gallery DOM, Riga, LV



Chasing the Devil to the Moon: Art Under Lunar Occupation Today Curated by Corina L. Apostol. Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, EST

Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly Skolas street 18, Riga, LV

Language of Flowers Riga Photography Biennial, curated by Inga Brūvere Gallery of the Artist’s Union of Latvia, Riga, LV

Metonymy curated by Artis Ostups. Dom gallery. Riga, LV

Metahorror meets Metahumour, curated by Marc Halson and Kristaps Ancāns In collabotarion with PlasticAfterLife (Kristians Aglonietis & Patrīcija Māra Vilsone) Lethaby Gallery, London, UK

EiTiET. Gallery 5 MALŪNAI. Vilnius, LT


Flora Fantastic: Eco-Critical Contemporary Botanical Art In collaboration with Anna Malicka and Kristaps Ancāns Curated by Corina Apostol and Tashima Thomas. Apexart gallery. New York, USA

Under the Skin curated by Iveta Gabaliņa. ISSP graduate 2022.exhibition. Riga, LV


Točka, curated by Pamela Butāne. Former factory Provodnik. Riga, LV

Resonance, curated by Inese Baranovska. Cesis Concert hall, Cesis, LV


Academia. Art museum Arsenāls, Old Riga, LV

No one asked for this. Boļševička, Riga, LV

ArtVilnius’19. Litexpo, Vilnius, LT



1st prize BDO Young Artists Award Experimental Art Space PILOT, Riga, LV


Future Talent, Futures Photography platform, nominated by ISSP Gallery